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From the US to Glasgow - our speciality burgers, succulent steaks, fajitas, tacos and incredible desserts represent the true taste of America.

NY American Grill is the latest edition to Princes Square, Glasgow, which boasts top chefs’ favourite: the Josper Grill. The restaurant offers an authentic American coast-to-coast dining experience; allowing diners in Glasgow who prefer casual dining a chance to have their dishes prepared on the Josper Grill. Steak, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes will be cooked to optimal tenderness and complemented with a distinctive charcoal, smoky taste.

The restaurant concept was conceived by Alan Dexter; owner of Barca Tapas & Cava Bar and Cranachan, also in Princes Square.

The wide-ranging menu includes old favourites such as NY deli sandwiches; the New York Strip sirloin steak; lighter Californian cuisine; and renowned American deserts such as Florida Key lime pie and New York cheesecake.

NY American Grill will showcase a large collection of American craft beers, bourbons and rye whiskey from every corner of the states. Boasting an intriguing wine list featuring our Canadian sparkling ice wine. Book online by clicking here.